Industry insights

In our knowledge database you will find background reports on emission analysis, supply chains, transport innovation, freight industry insights, and sustainable approaches for logistics

March 2019

Technology verification tool for green freight programs

May 2019

Zero emission urban freight

Oktober 2019

Toward greener supply chains

November 2019

The road to everywhere

December 2019

Medium- and heavy-duty vehicle electrification

January 2020

Climate excellence – assessing climate risks and opportunities in the transport & logistics sector

January 2020

Recharge EU: how many charge points will Europe and it's member states need in the 2020s

April 2020

Zero emission road freight strategy 2020-2025

September 2020

Making zero-emission trucking a reality

September 2020

Reaching zero with renewable


Regulations and standards for clean trucks and buses on the right track?


Pathways to sustainable shipping


Machine learning in maritime logistics

January 2021

Net-zero challenge: the supply chain opportunity

January 2021

Decarbonising road freight: getting into gear

January 2021

Measuring industry’s temperature an environmental progress report on european logistics

January 2021

Hydrogen decarbonization pathways a life-cycle assessment

April 2021

How to decarbonise long-haul trucking in Germany

April 2021

Sea cargo charter: aligning global shipping with society’s goals

June 2021

Powering sustainable aviation through consumer demand: the clean skies for tomorrow sustainable aviation fuel certificate (SAFc) framework

June 2021

Emission trading system for road transport

July 2021

Medium- & heavy-duty Vehicles

November 2021

Efficiency technology potential for heavy-duty diesel vehicles in the United States through 2035

December 2021

ESG in the shipping sector the role of ESG in the evaluation of shipping companies


Transport and environment report 2020

January 2022

European Green Deal policy guide focus on ‘Fit for 55 package’

February 2022

Transport and environment report 2021 decarbonising road transport — the role of vehicles, fuels and transport demand

July 2022

Sustainability reporting: the CSRD: from paper tiger to transition instrument

August 2022

A roadmap toward a sustainable aviation ecosystem

September 2022

Preparing container vessels for conversion to green fuels

September 2022

Net-zero, circular transition in road transport

September 2022

Global hydrogen review 2022

September 2022

Ports playbook for zero-emission shipping

October 2022

The closing window climate crisis calls for rapid transformation of societies

November 2022

The product carbon footprint guideline for the chemical industry

December 2022

Maritime decarbonization strategy 2022


Climate action in shipping progress towards shipping’s 2030 breakthrough


Building supply chain sustainability that can drive revenues and reduce operational risks

May 2023

Accelerating ZEV adoption in fleets to decarbonize road transportation